Build a new home on your perfect section

Build a new home on your perfect section

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Maybe you’ve just moved to the Christchurch area and have decided to look for the perfect section to build a new home? Because you’re new, you still don’t know where to start looking.

Or you’ve just decided to have a change of scenery and move to another place that best suits you. Maybe you’re clueless on how to find the perfect section where you and your family can settle?

build-a-new-home-in-christchurch-offerWorry no more; Build7 Christchurch is here.  You’ll get a good site and in turn a great home for you and your family that compliments the location. We help people like you to find the right site that suits your personal style at no extra cost.

Our designer will talk to you about the type of house you want built and whether it suits the location.

At Build7, we understand that getting the right site to build a new home is very important. The site will determine whether or not you’ll enjoy your house and feel at home, because let’s face it; this is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Checklist to build a new home

Because Build7 has a reputation for doing things right, they will help you through some of the things to consider when choosing the perfect location.  Here are just a few.

Jamie Cowan from Build7 Christchurch says it is very important for you to choose something you can afford. If you don’t have enough money, don’t buy the land. There is no need to spend too much money on a piece of land and hurt your overall budget. Consider that you also have to cater for the cost of building.

According to Build7 experts, it is critical to know geography, geology and makeup of the land on which the house will be built. Build7 can help you get a geotechnical report before you decide to build. This report will enable you to know the condition of the site and what changes you’d need to make before build.

Another very important thing that you need to keep in mind is the local area.

“You should choose a site that’s convenient. How far away is work? Is the shopping mall close by? If you have children, how far is the school? How’s the security? The site might be great, but if it is not convenient, then it just won’t work in the long run,” says Jamie.

The type of neighbourhood you’re moving into is a factor that needs consideration. You can do a bit of research about your potential neighbours by having a chat with them.

Build7 experts also say the services being offered and how much they cost is an important factor. Find out whether water, power, phone and rubbish disposal services are available, and their cost.

If you want to build a new home, then talk to a local Christchurch builder.  Jamie will show you what’s involved and talk to you about Build7 Christchurch’s free home design offer.