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Financing Your New Build

Building your home, instead of buying an existing one, is an exciting opportunity, but one that can require a slightly different financial approach. The deposit, progress and completion payments, interest, valuations, and fixed price contracts all need to be considered when building new. Building A New House - What you Need To Know The good [...]

What Is A Superhome?

These days we’re all looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, both for ourselves and for our environment. Although building a new home might not seem like the most obvious step in the sustainability direction, the Superhome movement is proving you can build a new home and tick all the eco-boxes. A common [...]

Match your house and new section with Build 7 Christchurch

Here's some ideas about matching your house design with your new section. When it comes to building your new Christchurch home it’s not just about getting the house design right. While many sites on property developments are quite straightforward in terms of topography (slope and lay of the land), other sites can be tricky. Matching [...]