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Sustainable Building In New Zealand

We've all heard about building more eco-friendly energy efficient homes, but what is building sustainably all about? Read on to discover exactly what a sustainable house is, what materials are used and why sustainable building is so important here in New Zealand. What Are Sustainable Houses? The key to the definition of a sustainable house [...]

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Smart Home Technology

Virtually everyone these days has some degree of ‘automation’ in their home, it can be as simple as the alarm used to wake you up at 6 am, or the blinds that you can control from your smart phone, right through to a more complex system of automated lighting and heating. In fact many modern [...]

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7 Advantages Of Building A New House

Building a new house is an exciting opportunity to create the home you’ve always wanted. Choosing the exact specifications, size and orientation along with being able to choose your colours, fixtures and fittings is not only fun and exciting it is often the culmination of many, many hours of planning and forethought. The enjoyment of [...]

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Why Build A New Home?

A bespoke design that is tailored to your needs versus a renovation of someone else’s dream home? As with anything there are pros and cons to building versus buying a new home. Read on for our break down of everything from upfront costs, energy efficiency and the all-important location. Should I Build A New Home? Your [...]

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What Is A Superhome?

These days we’re all looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, both for ourselves and for our environment. Although building a new home might not seem like the most obvious step in the sustainability direction, the Superhome movement is proving you can build a new home and tick all the eco-boxes. A common [...]

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The New Christchurch Convention Centre – Te Pae

The History Christchurch’s original Convention Center was opened in November of 1997 by the mayor at the time - Vicki Buck. The fragmented concrete box was a success, sporting a glass facade with a large glass air bridge connecting it to the esteemed Crowne Plaza Hotel. This was the very first convention center in the [...]

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Tiles for your new home build: 3 rules

Guest Post by Heather Cayford from Naturally Tiles in Christchurch Are you looking at choosing tiles for your new home build in Canterbury? Many in the market for tiles today, whether building new or renovating, are becoming more astute and knowledgeable about the product and their options. No longer are they accepting the mediocre and [...]

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Would you live in Christchurch CBD?

Here's an interesting article from the NZ Herald about just-released research from Canterbury University transportation lecturer Diana Kusumastuti. Her paper "Mixed-use development in Christchurch, New Zealand: Do you want to live there?" has just been published in the Urban Studies Journal. Would you live in the Christchurch CBD? According to this research, most Cantabrians say [...]

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Why use a Mortgage Advisor for Construction Lending

Guest Post by Hannah Findlay from MI Mates - Specialists in Construction Lending Brent and HannaH Findlay 2016 was an outstanding year for the mortgage industry with interest rates hitting an all-time low, making it a maze for New Zealanders to borrow.  Constant changes to lending have been a contributing factor to why [...]

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