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Contemporary design for your new Canterbury home

Contemporary design is a sure way to make your new Canterbury home timeless. It's made up of simple, clean, smooth surfaces without any clutter or intricacies. It's sophisticated and comfortable, giving a lived in but fresh feel. The idea is to blend your furnishings and decorations for a neat, clean look. So try to avoid boxy furniture or too many decorations. Elements [...]

Build a healthy home

In New Zealand it's easier to build a healthy home with specific insulation requirements for all new houses. You can save thousands by insulating your home properly. Features such as proper ventilation and double glazing cut down on heat loss and heating bills. New builds are being designed with the latest in insulation. So you don't [...]

New home building consents: NZ up – Canterbury down

There's positive news for New Zealand in terms of new home building consents, with dwelling numbers growing by 14%. This represents the first time double digit growth has been achieved since June 2016 according to Statistics New Zealand and a recent story in the NZ Herald. While that may be good news in the overall [...]

Moving House Made Easy

The process of moving house  can sometimes be difficult. But, by implementing the right strategies it can be a lot easier than you might think. So you and your family can settle in to your newly built house stress-free. Children and Moving House Be Enthusiastic – Your kids can tell whether you're excited about the experience of moving house. [...]