When you’re building in Christchurch, there are certain things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. You can find out what sustainable materials are available in the building market. In New Zealand there are a number of options you can look at. Using sustainable materials reduces possible health issues for you and your family too.

Plan sustainable from the beginning

You can design your home to be efficient and green right from planning stage. There are lots of materials available that will fit your plan. You can also look at your decoration and finishing and choose more sustainable options. For example, you can opt for paints that don’t contain as many chemicals, so that your air quality isn’t affected. An easy thing to do is to have appliances that are specifically designed to conserve energy.

building in Christchurch offerSome traditionally used building materials contain high levels of toxic chemicals that do long term harm to the environment. There are sustainable, non-toxic materials available to use if you do the necessary research.

Green building in Christchurch

Green products should generally keep as close to their natural form as possible. They’re not subjected to large amounts of processing before being used in your home. Woods such as pine, macrocarpa and eucalyptus are great and very versatile. They can be used for doors, windows, floors, cupboards, frames, walls, counters, cabinets, decking and anything else that can be built from wood.

Green insulation would be using products such as recycled paper, cotton or sheep’s wool. This type of insulation can be a bit more expensive than fibreglass, but doesn’t contain the high levels of toxic chemicals such as that found in fibreglass.

Cut down on waste

This may mean that you have to plan a little more tightly. That way you can ensure you don’t buy a lot more materials than what you need. Your quantity estimates would need to be as accurate as possible so that no wood, paint or other items are wasted. If you are left over with any products, you can always repurpose or donate them.

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