Building on the Port Hills

Building on the Port Hills

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If you’ve thought about a new home in Canterbury, then you should consider building on the Port Hills. There are many innovations in building today that allow you to make use of topography to build a unique home. This saves spending time and money on heavy retaining, excavating and flattening of land.

Building on the Port Hills can allow you to enhance natural features in your home. Your new home can be easily blended with the landscape.

When you work with nature, you can make use of natural ventilation, sunlight and power. Your home can be built to enjoy the natural scenery around you with the stunning views of Christchurch. Building on a hill may seem a difficult task at the beginning of your project, which is why you need to work with the experts when designing your home.

Use experts for building on the Port Hills

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At Build7 Christchurch, we have geotechnical engineers, architects and designers who are experienced with this type of building. They know how to plan and design a new home on a slope. Well trained, experienced people will be able to predict any possible issues and work at counteracting the problems before the build starts.

Wind, rain and snow could cause some issues during the building of your home. But this can be planned for so that deadlines are met. You also need to ensure your home is adequately waterproofed and built to withstand all that nature can throw at it.

Split level homes and other innovative designs for a sloped property means your home can stand out from the rest. Using the slope and building your house with the flow of the land means you get to use more of you section. You also have the chance to incorporate natural elements into your build.

As local builders in Canterbury, we have the expertise to help you with building on the Port Hills. We can advise you on the best suited innovations for your specific section. We also have our own team of in-house designers that can customise your floor plan specifically to your section. Get in touch today. You can also take a look at our available home and land packages.

building on the port hills