Canterbury House Plans

Canterbury House Plans

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We’ve launched a big range of Canterbury house plans in our new plans section on our website. Over the years we’ve been designing and building houses in Christchurch and we have now been able to put them all in one place for you to browse.

The key to using the house design range is to understand that they are only the starting point to create the home that you want.

There are different ways they can be used:

  • You can use them ‘as-is’, especially if you have a section that’s ready-to-go and you know that the design will suit you and fit the site. We’ll be able to guide you on this and make sure it does.
  • You can use them as a starting point – to gain some inspiration. This is handy if you already know the number of bedrooms you want and the size of the house.
  • You can mix and match our plans. Take the best of one or more and combine them.

Canterbury House Plans – Pricing

The question we always get is – how much? The answer is – it all depends. When it comes to building your home there are two main factors that determine the price. They are the actual cost of building – the build-only price, and the cost of your chosen section. The build-only price can be easily provided to you.

canterbury house plans designOnce we know your location, we can give an accurate price really quickly. Location is relevant because of costs that may affect site accessibility or transportation costs.

When it comes to the the land, the cost of the section and the cost to prepare it for building are two separate things. If the section is in an area (such as a new development) where the engineering, civil works and geo technical work is already done, then the pricing is straightforward. If the land has not been examined for these things then that’s where we can help to get this done.

The Canterbury house plans that we have are ready to be priced now, based on what you want to do. Starting from scratch and working with our architects and designers is still another option as part of our design & build service. And of course we don’t charge for this design service!

If you are looking for a new home that’s economical and but still good quality, we have an Affordable Range, and if you want something with an accurate build-only price right now, you can get this when you visit Affordable House Builders.

The easiest way to learn more is to have a chat with us. When you deal with Build7, you’ll be dealing with the builder/owner and we’ll give you expert advice.

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