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Design ideas for your new build in Christchurch

If you've been thinking about a new build in Christchurch this year, then take a look at our design ideas. Designing and building your very own home can be a fun and exciting process. It allows you to create according to your imagination and turn your dream home into reality. To make sure your new build [...]

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Build your home in Christchurch with Build7

If you're currently looking to build your home in Christchurch, you'll know how important it is that you choose the right building company. That's where Build7 Christchurch can help. There are two main ways that you can purchase your house and land. (1) You can buy the house and the section separately. (2) You can buy a section [...]

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Build a custom home in Christchurch

There are many reasons why building a custom home in Christchurch has benefits.  It gives you the ability to build the house exactly to your liking to match your lifestyle. If you want an efficient, well-built custom home, then you should choose only the best home building company in Christchurch. Build7 will ensure that you are getting [...]

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Choosing the right Christchurch building company

Finding the right Christchurch building company is worth the research. Building a home is exciting, invigorating, daunting and probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. And with New Zealand’s property market so hot it’s almost combustible, there are stories of less than honest operators out there keen to make a buck from unsuspecting [...]

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