The end of year Christchurch building rush

The end of year Christchurch building rush

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The end of year Christchurch building rush is not just a Canterbury thing – it’s all across New Zealand.

As the weather heats up, we start to think more about our upcoming leisure time and the projects around the home that need to get done. When it comes to renovations and improvements such as decks or extensions to dwellings, we’re entering our busy period.

christchurch building free designIf you have projects with a deadline before or during the Christmas holiday season – and you’re only just looking for a builder in Christchurch, then you may struggle to have it finished in time. It’s simple supply and demand and as of today, there are only 5 weeks to go until the country shuts down.

The residential building sector closes down to. Councils operate on a skeleton staff during the Christmas break and things just take longer. We want you to start thinking about next summer!

No Christchurch building rush for Christmas 2018

While most builders are busy at this time of year, now is the perfect time to talk to us about your new home build. If you want to be in a brand new home or holiday house well before Christmas 2018, let’s chat now!

One of the fastest ways to get your new house project completed is to choose from one of our house plans that we have in our range. By starting with a pre-designed house plan, and then using it as-is, or customising it to suit, you can shave off a lot of time compared to the Design and Build option. The Design and Build process naturally takes longer because you are starting from scratch and getting something 100% personalised.

Whether you use a pre-existing house design or take advantage of the Design and Build service – it’s entirely your choice. It will depend on your budget, time frames and where you are at with your section.

Our free house design service means that if you build a house in Christchurch (or anywhere) with Build7, we’ll cover the costs of the design. This could save you thousands.

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