Build your dream home with a house and land deal

Build your dream home with a house and land deal

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There are two main benefits that come with purchasing a house and land deal in Christchurch. The first is owning your own land, and the second is being able to design and completely customise your house plan.

When you design your own house plan, the possibilities are endless and are not limited to the house itself. You can perfect the outdoor living areas to your exact liking too. Whether it be by planting a big garden, building an underground pool or even creating a pond.

With more and more house and land opportunities arising lately, it couldn’t be a better time to consider building your dream home.

house and land deal chch offerIn New Zealand, the popularity of building a new home is increasing. Not only does a house and land deal offer benefits for you and your family, but it also helps contribute to the fast-growing construction economy.

All New Zealand building companies have to issue a builder’s guarantee with a newly built house. So, this means you can be more confident and comfortable in the place you’ll be spending much of your life in.

Save big with a house and land deal

A house and land deal offers benefits for property investors as well. Newly built homes attract high quality tenants and you can optimise the design to suit the rental plan you have in mind. Renters also tend to be longer-term when compared to older houses because of the level of comfort. They know that the house is in it’s best possible condition.

Another financial benefit is the reduced, minimised maintenance issues. This allows you to save not only money, but also time and stress.

You don’t have to be an investor to enjoy financial savings from a house and land deal; they can bring homeowners tax benefits as well.

No other method of purchasing a home offers as much control and choice. At Build7 Christchurch we are regularly updating our list with new house and land packages.

Whether you’re looking to build your dream house in the peaceful countryside or in convenient urban areas, get in touch with Build7. Check out our design and build service. We can have a chat to learn about your situation and figure out the next move.

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