Building an energy efficient home

Building an energy efficient home

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If you’re building new, having an energy efficient home is important. You can save money while helping to keep your family healthy in the process. There are many things you do in your new home to keep energy consumption low.

Some of this technology used to be very expensive, but prices have dropped as it improves and becomes more common. This means you can build a better energy efficient home for less.

The main benefit of an energy efficient home is the obvious savings in the energy bills. Just as important is the health of your family. Damp, cold homes with poor insulation can increase the chance of respiratory issues and make colds and flu last longer.

Use the sun

There are many ways of making your home energy efficient. The positioning of the home when it is built is a big factor. Utilising natural warmth and light from the sun is an inexpensive way ofkeeping your home warm. Houses that are positioned correctly can also keep be kept lighter for longer. Solar panels are not as expensive as they used to be either. While some have a high cost initially, the savings pay off.

Insulation for an energy efficient home

energy efficient home

Keeping your home warm and toasty without a big energy bill also relies on good insulation. If you insulate correctly then your house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. So, there’s less need for air-conditioning and lower heating costs. Make sure that your home is insulated from the foundation to the roof – including walls, floors and and ceilings.

A more comfortable and drier home can be achieved easily with windows and skylights that open to let in a breeze. Positioning these correctly so that your whole home has fresh air flow is important. It’s possible to install home ventilation systems to help too. These don’t add warmth, but do make your home drier and more comfortable.

Double glazing

Make sure your windows are double glazed to allow light and retain heat. Place the larger windows on the side that gets the most sun for free heating and light. Make sure the frames have a thermal break and use thermal curtains during winter to reduce heat loss.

Make sure that you choose an efficient and effective system for heating your home. A product with low emissions that can efficiently heat your whole home is the best option to choose. If your home is well insulated, you won’t lose as much heat.

Choose LED lights

Another easy way is to choose LED lights for your home. These are 80% more efficient than usual bulbs used in a home and they also last a lot longer. The initial cost is higher, but they work out a lot cheaper over the long run.

Talk to Build7 Christchurch about how you can achieve an energy efficient home for less. We offer a free design service, so you can incorporate these energy saving tolls into your hoe without all the hassle. We also have house and land listings that are updated regularly. Check them out and you could save even more money.

energy efficient home