Demand grows for house and land packages in Canterbury

Demand grows for house and land packages in Canterbury

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Build7 has been a part of the rising demand for house and land packages across New Zealand (including Canterbury).  Investing in a house and land package could be a viable alternative for first home buyers with limited budgets or investors looking to earn higher rental value on their properties.

The rising prices of housing properties across New Zealand has led to increasing number of buyers choosing to build their own homes which are uniquely customised to their way of life.  This has led to increasing number of building companies in New Zealand providing house and land packages to fulfill the rising demand from buyers.  For most families, house and land packages can be a huge value addition along with providing a cost saving  potential.

house-and-land-packages-christchurch-designThere are plenty of choices available today for home buyers.  When it comes to choosing the right type of home, house and land packages can suit people on a fixed budget but who still want some extra features for their house. Clients can get lot of flexibility in making your own decisions when you are building your own home.  You get to choose from some exceptional designs or create your create your own to meet your specific needs.

Many building companies like Build7 Christchurch offer house and land packages in great locations that offer quiet, family living.  Yes, this quality lifestyle living with good facilities is achievable… and it’s available in the Christchurch area.

Get help with house and land packages

Doing it alone can be a pain for some people.  It can be a tedious process to search for a site of your choice and then to build a new home.  The alternative is to seek assistance from reliable building companies.  Build7 will help you to find a section by using our expertise and contacts.  The perfect home (for you) on the perfect site is always the goal.  The time taken is significantly reduced both in the design and construction of your home and moving to your new home becomes quicker and hassle free.  You can simply relax and enjoy the lifestyle with all of the features of your new home in the right place, just as you have planned them.

Most home buyers enjoy other benefits.  These include tax benefits for some as well as lower maintenance expenses.  Building new means spending less time on cleaning, repairing or the general upkeep that’s inevitably required with an existing home.

For those who are looking to generate income and build a retirement nest egg, house and land packages make sense.  Homes can be built with the investor in mind.  Your investment property can be good value for you, but still well designed and appointed to attract quality, long-term tenants.

If you haven’t spoken to us yet, then we’d love to show you what we do and learn about your next dream home.  We are trusted experts providing housing solutions in Christchurch and around Canterbury. Contact us for more information about custom house plans and our house and land packages.