House and land tips for Christchurch buyers

House and land tips for Christchurch buyers

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If you’re looking at building a new home in 2017, then here are some house and land tips that will be useful.

Many home owners are unaware of the important things to look out for when selecting a house and land package. Unfortunately, this can mean expensive mistakes that could’ve been avoided.

We’ve made a checklist with some of the main things you need to consider. This will help guide you towards getting the dream home you’ve always wanted, specially suited to your lifestyle.

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The Christchurch suburb or neighbourhood where you decide to build should fit in with your lifestyle. You need to consider what is important to you. Do you want to have retail stores nearby, or how about sporting grounds? Is the site within a short driving distance to your work?

Just like buying a pre-built home, house and land deals are also an investment decision that require a long-term commitment. You should consider writing a personal list of necessities or must-haves for your ideal location.

When selecting your ideal section, you should pay close attention to the following factors:

1. Shape – especially important for smaller lots, it should suit the house’s floor design,

2. Slope – if having a nice deck view is important to you, then consider purchasing sloped land. But keep in mind that it may increase building expenses.

3. Area– is it important for there to be extra space available to have your boat or build a vegetable garden?

4. Soil – to prevent extra costs after the building process, make sure that there are no issues with soil stability.

More house and land tips

Playing the most important role in whether you have a positive experience or not, is the home builder that you choose. This should be decided after careful consideration and research. Various qualities of the company that you choose should include: a successful track record, a portfolio of past projects, and helpful and reliable customer service.

Of course dealing with a reliable house and land builder is a must, and you can ask for testimonials and references. Build7 Christchurch are happy to provide you with a list of clients for you to contact for a review of  their experience.

Are you in the process of searching for the right Christchurch house and land deals? Then let us help you.  It costs nothing to take the first step At Build7, our experienced team of designers and builders will assist you in finding the perfect location for the build of your brand-new dream home.

Contact Jamie at Build7, who will give you his own house and land tips from his experience. He can also talk to you about your unique project and how he can help you to achieve your vision with our free design service.

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