More house building advice

More house building advice

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When you start your house building journey, the first step is to purchase the perfect section for your new home. Build7 Christchurch are experienced builders in Canterbury and can give you good advice on land.

Why it’s important

When choosing your piece of land, it’s more than just the location and community that you need to think about. It’s important to consider the slope, soil conditions and placement of utilities. Your builder should be able to help so that you choose a section in the area you want and it won’t cost you a fortune in added extras like landscaping.

You might have already chosen and purchased a section of land. Your builder can then advise you on the floor plan design to ensure your new home can be built to the specifications of land. This saves you from extra costs and changing your plans partway through the house building process.

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Good builders can send a team to your site to evaluate the land before you sign the agreement. They can advise you of any costs that will be added onto your building budget due to the land conditions. A building company that has a relationship with developers and estate agents should then be able to help you find the right piece of land too. They’re better able to negotiate terms and pricing on land.

House plans

Your selected building company should be able to offer you a choice of pre-drawn house plans. Some of these could be modified slightly to better suit. The other option is custom house plans to suit your exact requirements. Homes focused on green living, power saving and conservation are all possible with a custom designed home.

Your experienced building company should be able to help you match your section with the perfect design. Choose the building company that can assist you with choosing your land. Then you can learn about factors such as the environment and other physical attributes that you may not have noticed before.

There’s always plenty land available for purchase and while location is quite important, it’s not the only thing that you need to look at. While choosing an upmarket area might be a good choice, you also need to look at factors such as your lifestyle. Do you want to live near the big cities or in a more rural area? Do you need to be near your work, shopping centres or schools? Once you know where to look, find the company that can help you find the perfect section in that area.

House building with Build7

At Build7, we offer a site evaluation service as well as helping you find the perfect section to build on. These are both completely free of cost. We’re experienced builders in Christchurch. We offer the full house building package, from site advice to planning and the design and build of your entire home. Get in touch with us today for free advice.

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