The Process of Land Subdivision in Christchurch

The Process of Land Subdivision in Christchurch

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The process of land subdivision in Christchurch is straightforward when you know the pitfalls. Investing in real estate can be one of the most reliable and effective methods to increase wealth. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time property buyer, there is huge return on investment potential.  

Like any other property investment strategies, land subdivision in Christchurch, or anywhere in Canterbury,  requires adequate knowledge.  The knowledge required is in the form of regulations and preparations for the steps involved.  The ultimate goal is to get value out of every dollar spent.

land subdivision in christchurchSimply put, the process of subdivision consists of dividing a large plot of land into smaller plots of land – all of which you are still in complete control of.

Although there are a range of benefits that come with this investment method, it’s important to be aware that the process can be arduous and expensive if you are unprepared. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced professional for assistance is recommended to ensure things go as planned.

As new home build specialists and Christchurch builders, this is where Build7 can help.

The initial stage of subdividing involves getting approval from the local council, whom of which will provide specific requirements. Next, for final approval you will need a licensed surveyor to submit your plans. to the DAC

You’ll also need your lawyer or conveyancing company to put together the legal documents required.

Benefits of Land Subdivision in Christchurch

Earn more money – the primary, and most obvious benefit of land subdivision are the financial rewards. The amount of returns all depends on the available space and property value. Whether you decide to sell the subdivided land outright or use it for property development, it’s usually a reliable source of income.

Attractive to more buyers – smaller lots have more marketability than larger lots. By subdividing your land you can potentially achieve positive returns in a quicker time frame. 

Great flexibility – through land subdivision, you are given the opportunity to either sell the section off for immediate capital or rent it out for ongoing, passive income.

Land subdivision in Christchurch can be profitable, but it also requires expertise.  If you are in the process of considering land subdivision as a method of investment, then you should consider us at Build7.

We are a building company with a team of seasoned professionals can help provide crucial, valuable insight.  The goal is a successful subdivision that maximises your return and minimises stress or problems.

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