Would you live in Christchurch CBD?

Would you live in Christchurch CBD?

Here’s an interesting article from the NZ Herald about just-released research from Canterbury University transportation lecturer Diana Kusumastuti. Her paper “Mixed-use development in Christchurch, New Zealand: Do you want to live there?” has just been published in the Urban Studies Journal.

Would you live in the Christchurch CBD?

According to this research, most Cantabrians say ‘no’. It seems the research shows that most of us want to live in the outer suburbs where there is more space and a quieter living environment.

canterbury house plans designDr Kusumastuti sums it up here: “From what we saw, people dislike high-density living. An increase in density reduces the probability of choosing in either area.”

After being re-elected last year. Mayor Lianne Dalziel commented that before 2014, she wanted 20,000 people living in the central city area. Currently new residential building projects are underway in the Christchurch CBD, including the key CBD project East Frame, and after District Plan zone changes were made to encourage inner city living.

According to the report, many of us here don’t have a huge problem with driving in to the city centre. It seems the time it takes is still regarded as a ‘reasonable amount of time’ to spend behind the wheel.

There’s no doubt that a vibrant Christchurch CBD is good for our city, and good for the country. Pre-quake speaks for itself. In the last 20 years Wellington City has worked hard to develop their dynamic cityscape and they are a great example of what it will be possible for us to achieve down here…in time.

But for now, the suburbs reign supreme.

Why build new?

If you’ve read this far down the page, maybe we’ve earned the right to ask a cheeky question. So here goes… If you live in Canterbury and you’re thinking about selling ad moving on to another area in the district, why would you buy a ‘used’ house when you can build new  (with all the modern technology and conveniences) with Build7, for the same money or even less!

OK it’s a rhetorical question, but why not think about it. Clean, modern house design and importantly, built to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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