New house design for a growing family

New house design for a growing family

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When you have, or are planning for a family, there are a number of things you need to look at in your new house design. Certain things will ensure the home accommodates the whole family and their needs.

If you’ve just started a family, or already have a few children, there are a few ideas you can use to keep your family life harmonious. Having a decent size garden for children to play in and enjoy is always a good idea. It’s good to have space for basic sports and other family activities.

New house design with space

Have some quiet spaces built into your home away from the hustle and bustle of the general living spaces. An area such as a study allows for a good homework area or just general quiet time.

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Children mean you’ll need lots of additional storage space. You need space for games, books and toys as well as clothing and shoes. You’ll want to incorporate this space into most rooms.

Extra storage space can also be built under stairs and beds for a neat look.

The kitchen

Incorporate a user friendly kitchen into your new house design. You want one that allows you to move around easily. Having spaces where you can store bowls and cereal etc. for older children to make their own breakfast is a practical kitchen solution.

A kitchen that features a breakfast nook or opens up into a dining area allows you to keep an eye on the children when they are eating. This is good for multi-tasking when you’re still busy with washing up.


Look at easy to clean finishing. Tiles, vinyl flooring and wood are much easier to clean and healthier than carpets. You can always make them feel less sterile by adding some rugs. Counter tops and cupboards should be wipe-able and stain resistant. This also goes for walls.

At Build7, we’re the Christchurch builders that can give you the best advice on an effective new house design. We’ll incorporate family-friendly features so you can enjoy time with your children, while still being able to maintain a home to be proud of. You can also check out our house and land listings Christchurch for some inspiration, or to save some more money.

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