These are some of our simple but practical outdoor living design tips if you’re currently exploring building a house in Christchurch or the Canterbury area.

This list below is just a start! When we work together, you’ll be able to bring your ideas and combine them with our designers to achieve the beautiful and practical result that you want.

In Canterbury we’re lucky to still be able to enjoy outdoor living at home but there are some practical considerations:

outdoor living design NZThe NZ sun is fierce so think about shade for the summer; it will be essential. Even better if it’s waterproof too. When it comes to shade, think about sun-lines. You might be OK during the middle of the day and have adequate shading, but even in the late afternoon the rays can be deadly.

A new home built by Build7 will include fully compliant insulation (including the garage door if you have one), but give some thought to heating your outdoor areas. Connecting outdoor heating may not be on your priority list now, but if you run gas plumbing or electrical wiring at the build phase, it will save time and hassle later.

Think ahead

While you’re at it, consider installing cables for your sound system during the build process. That way you won’t have to play deafening music indoors, just to hear it outside. Same thing when it comes to lighting. Even if your budget doesn’t extend to spending on quality outdoor fittings just yet, by thinking ahead you can do the electrical and set up work now.

Will your outdoor living design allow you to keep an eye on the kids if they’re playing outside? You can incorporate this requirement into your design at the start.

Depending on the topography of your section, give some thought to the leveling of the site right from the start so that it compliments your outdoor living requirements. It’s best to do this right at the start of the build.

Outdoor living design is all about how you and your family want to live. If entertaining or play areas for children is important, you’ll want to consider this and use our expertise to make your plan a reality.

There’s lots more, and we’d love to talk to you about your upcoming project if you are looking for a builder in Christchurch. You can learn about our Design & Build service and get expert help anytime.

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