Do you want a used house or a new house?

Do you want a used house or a new house?

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New house or used? When we’re house hunting, we don’t often think about homes as ‘used’ do we? Yet the statistics show us that the numbers of existing homes that are sold in Christchurch and around New Zealand each month, hugely outweigh those that are built new.

Sure, there’s a number of reasons for this that include the sheer volume of used homes coming on the market, the availability of land and so on.

new house christchurchAt Build7 we wonder how much that figure is influenced by our attitudes to building a new home and the low priority as an option it receives. We believe that when clients get the right help, they don’t have to compromise or settle for something less.

If you had the choice to own to own a new car for the same price as a used one, you’d always choose new, right? Unless it was a classic car perhaps. Better features, materials, construction, technology, security, and comfort will always win over.

Why don’t we think the same about owning a house?

The benefits of owning a new home are huge. Yes, that’s easy to say coming from a building company, but have you really thought about it?  Let’s look at just a few ideas that might give you a different perspective…

  • You can own a brand spanking new house in Canterbury and achieve the same (or higher) level of comfort and ‘liveability’ for the same money as buying used.
  • What you might lose in the ‘character’ factor you can gain in peace of mind when it comes to maintenance and expense.
  • There can be tens of thousands of uses that a shower or bathroom has had in an existing house. For some people, the hassle of renovation is too much and the idea of owning something clean and new from the start, has real appeal.
  • Construction finance of a new house allows for a much lower deposit requirement. It can be easier for first home buyers to enter the market with a modest new home. Then they can use that property to step up the ladder later on.
  • When it comes to insulation, comfort, flow and ergonomic design, you’re sorted. The design and build industry (that we’re in) continues to move forward in technology and new concepts of house design that make houses smarter and more comfortable.

What stops us building a new house?

new house christchurch fear


So what stops us from learning more about it? Lots of things probably. Some reasons might be valid, but some may be based on fear and lack of information. We think these are the three main ones:

Too hard“I don’t know much about it but it looks like hard work.”

It depends on your definition of hard work. The real question is would it be worth it? If you don’t think it’s worth it, then building new isn’t for you. “What’s the actual value” is another great question. Not just in terms of financial gain, but social, family and lifestyle. Sure, there are lots of moving parts, but you’re not managing them on your own – we are here to do that. We support you along the way and know exactly what to do and when to do

I have to wait too long“I want it now. And besides I have to pay rent while my new house is being built.”

It’s a matter of cost/benefit. The financial benefits of ownership over the first ten years can outstrip an existing home. The structure of finance can include provision to cover the build period. Talk to us about how this could work.

Too risky“I’ve heard some horror stories and I don’t want to take the risk”

If you’re convinced it’s too risky, then no-one is ever going to convince you otherwise. There’s a risk in everything we do in life – including buying an existing house. But should that stop us from limiting our options or making good decisions on balance? NO! We’ll show you the process and the safeguards we have in place to minimise the risk so you feel comfortable.

If you’re read this to the end (and you’re not our Mum or another building company), then maybe there’s a chance we could have a conversation about your situation?

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