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Home Building In Christchurch – Post Quake

Looking to build a new home in Christchurch or the Canterbury region and want to learn more about choosing the right builder, how to pick your section and which suburbs are the best to build in – post quakes? Take a look below for insider tips and industry advice on building your new home in [...]

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Why use a Mortgage Advisor for Construction Lending

Guest Post by Hannah Findlay from MI Mates - Specialists in Construction Lending Brent and HannaH Findlay 2016 was an outstanding year for the mortgage industry with interest rates hitting an all-time low, making it a maze for New Zealanders to borrow.  Constant changes to lending have been a contributing factor to why [...]

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Custom home building in Christchurch

If you haven't been able to find your ideal home in an existing property, then custom home building might be the ideal choice for you. Maybe you have a large family and need multiple rooms and bathrooms. You could entertain a lot and need extra guest rooms with their own en-suites. Need an indoor studio with the right lighting? [...]

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Moving House Made Easy

The process of moving house  can sometimes be difficult. But, by implementing the right strategies it can be a lot easier than you might think. So you and your family can settle in to your newly built house stress-free. Children and Moving House Be Enthusiastic – Your kids can tell whether you're excited about the experience of moving house. [...]

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Build a custom home in Christchurch

There are many reasons why building a custom home in Christchurch has benefits.  It gives you the ability to build the house exactly to your liking to match your lifestyle. If you want an efficient, well-built custom home, then you should choose only the best home building company in Christchurch. Build7 will ensure that you are getting [...]

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