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Why use a Mortgage Advisor for Construction Lending

Guest Post by Hannah Findlay from MI Mates - Specialists in Construction Lending Brent and HannaH Findlay 2016 was an outstanding year for the mortgage industry with interest rates hitting an all-time low, making it a maze for New Zealanders to borrow.  Constant changes to lending have been a contributing factor to why [...]

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Match your house and new section with Build 7 Christchurch

Here's some ideas about matching your house design with your new section. When it comes to building your new Christchurch home it’s not just about getting the house design right. While many sites on property developments are quite straightforward in terms of topography (slope and lay of the land), other sites can be tricky. Matching [...]

2017-07-04T15:17:42+13:00July 4th, 2017|

Budgeting for your new home in Christchurch

When you're in the planning phase of your new home in Christchurch, budgeting is very important. You should be smart about budgeting, and always set aside a little extra for unforeseen costs. If you plan thoroughly from the start, you aren't going to have big unexpected bills later on. Be realistic When planning the budget for your [...]

2017-05-29T13:14:44+13:00May 29th, 2017|

Building an energy efficient home

If you're building new, having an energy efficient home is important. You can save money while helping to keep your family healthy in the process. There are many things you do in your new home to keep energy consumption low. Some of this technology used to be very expensive, but prices have dropped as it improves and becomes more [...]

2017-05-18T12:29:02+13:00May 15th, 2017|

New house design for a growing family

When you have, or are planning for a family, there are a number of things you need to look at in your new house design. Certain things will ensure the home accommodates the whole family and their needs. If you've just started a family, or already have a few children, there are a few ideas you can use [...]

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Contemporary design for your new Canterbury home

Contemporary design is a sure way to make your new Canterbury home timeless. It's made up of simple, clean, smooth surfaces without any clutter or intricacies. It's sophisticated and comfortable, giving a lived in but fresh feel. The idea is to blend your furnishings and decorations for a neat, clean look. So try to avoid boxy furniture or too many decorations. Elements [...]

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Custom home building in Christchurch

If you haven't been able to find your ideal home in an existing property, then custom home building might be the ideal choice for you. Maybe you have a large family and need multiple rooms and bathrooms. You could entertain a lot and need extra guest rooms with their own en-suites. Need an indoor studio with the right lighting? [...]

2017-04-18T12:35:05+13:00April 18th, 2017|

New home building consents: NZ up – Canterbury down

There's positive news for New Zealand in terms of new home building consents, with dwelling numbers growing by 14%. This represents the first time double digit growth has been achieved since June 2016 according to Statistics New Zealand and a recent story in the NZ Herald. While that may be good news in the overall [...]

2017-04-11T14:17:10+13:00April 11th, 2017|

Tips for the perfect indoor outdoor flow

Indoor outdoor flow is a great way to improve your home's potential. When you live in a good climate like Christchurch, enjoying a good outdoor indoor flow can be very important. There are several ways of improving the flow as well as your property overall. Our tips: One of the easiest ways of starting the process is [...]

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