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In this blog you’ll find lots of information that you’ll find useful as a resource especially if you’re searching for tip, ideas and advice on anything to do with House and Land Packages in Christchurch and Canterbury.

7 Advantages Of Building A New House

Building a new house is an exciting opportunity to create the home you’ve always wanted. Choosing the exact specifications, size and orientation along with being able to choose your colours, fixtures and fittings is not only fun and exciting it is often the culmination of many, many hours of planning and forethought. The enjoyment of [...]

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Why Build A New Home?

A bespoke design that is tailored to your needs versus a renovation of someone else’s dream home? As with anything there are pros and cons to building versus buying a new home. Read on for our break down of everything from upfront costs, energy efficiency and the all-important location. Should I Build A New Home? Your [...]

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Match your house and new section with Build 7 Christchurch

Here's some ideas about matching your house design with your new section. When it comes to building your new Christchurch home it’s not just about getting the house design right. While many sites on property developments are quite straightforward in terms of topography (slope and lay of the land), other sites can be tricky. Matching [...]

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New house design for a growing family

When you have, or are planning for a family, there are a number of things you need to look at in your new house design. Certain things will ensure the home accommodates the whole family and their needs. If you've just started a family, or already have a few children, there are a few ideas you can use [...]

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New home building consents: NZ up – Canterbury down

There's positive news for New Zealand in terms of new home building consents, with dwelling numbers growing by 14%. This represents the first time double digit growth has been achieved since June 2016 according to Statistics New Zealand and a recent story in the NZ Herald. While that may be good news in the overall [...]

2017-04-11T14:17:10+13:00April 11th, 2017|

Build your dream home with a house and land deal

There are two main benefits that come with purchasing a house and land deal in Christchurch. The first is owning your own land, and the second is being able to design and completely customise your house plan. When you design your own house plan, the possibilities are endless and are not limited to the house [...]

2017-03-20T15:04:09+13:00March 20th, 2017|

The boom of the house and land market

Right now, New Zealand is going through a house and land boom. In some areas, real estate prices are even higher than that of London’s. Last year the market had huge growth since the financial crisis of 2008. But this all didn’t happen by chance. It was mostly because of a stable government, a healthy economy and reasonable [...]

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House and land tips for Christchurch buyers

If you're looking at building a new home in 2017, then here are some house and land tips that will be useful. Many home owners are unaware of the important things to look out for when selecting a house and land package. Unfortunately, this can mean expensive mistakes that could've been avoided. We've made a checklist with [...]

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Demand grows for house and land packages in Canterbury

Build7 has been a part of the rising demand for house and land packages across New Zealand (including Canterbury).  Investing in a house and land package could be a viable alternative for first home buyers with limited budgets or investors looking to earn higher rental value on their properties. The rising prices of housing properties [...]

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