Pre-designed house plans

Pre-designed house plans

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When it comes to the house plans of your new home, there are so many things to consider. From the amount of living rooms, bedroom and bathrooms, to the colours of your fixtures and fittings.

To help simplify the entire process, many building companies offer tried and tested pre-designed home plans. Some also allow the option to build from scratch so you can customise more. We’ve got a large number of house plans that you can browse

Reasons to choose pre-drawn house plans

Most often, the plans available to choose from have been updated and perfected over the years. So they’re not only highly efficient on time, but also money. Over time as the plans are implemented to many homes, the company offering them will typically work out all the kinks.

house plans offerSome builders offer more architecturally-advanced home plans. These are made after spending time with designers and architects looking at modern trends in the market.

Going with a plan can really help with speeding up the building process, and they provide a very good base to start with. Usually your builder can tweak the plans to better meet and complement your lifestyle. They’re also great for providing inspiration so you can visualise style ideas. They act as a great starting point to initiate the design process more quickly.

Time and cost effectiveness

Drawing up a custom house plan can be very time-consuming. As a matter of fact, it can take up to ten times longer to get. But pre-drawn plans allow you to get to the fun part faster – they’re particularly good if you’re looking to get into your dream home sooner rather than later.

Pre-drawn house plans can be modified so they better meet your lifestyle requirements. They provide you with significant savings when compared to custom house plans, which can cost up to 10% of the total construction costs!

Less stress

Many new homeowners aren’t aware of the stress that drawing a blueprint from scratch can have. This process requires hours and many consultations to make that you’re satisfied with the final work.

Many homebuyers are under the impression that pre-drawn house plans always lead to a ‘cookie-cutter’ home. This couldn’t be further from the truth, because at Build7 Christchurch, we have hundreds of them available.

Our plans show huge variety and can always be modified to suit your needs. Check out our design and build Christchurch page for more information.

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